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Part-Time (FLEX) Enrollments

Part‐Time Citrus eSchool students are enrolled in a local public, charter, or private school who want to take one or more virtual classes as part of their schedule or after school hours.

The student remains enrolled at the brick‐and‐mortar school. Virtual classes are requested through the Citrus eSchool website. Courses may be requested at any time between the first day of school in August and the end of February. All courses must be completed by the last day of school according to the District School Calendar for Citrus County Schools.

The student’s brick‐and‐mortar school counselor  will approve or deny course requests and the counselor and Citrus eSchool staff will monitor progress.

Part-Time students will create an account in FLVS, selecting Citrus eSchool as the Virtual School and selecting Citrus eSchool when requesting each course.