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Homeschool Education

Home Education with One or More Virtual Classes

If you want your homeschool student to take one or more virtual classes, you must register your home education program and then request one or more courses from Edgenuity or FLVS Flex. These part-time enrollments may begin at any date between the first day of school in August and the last day of February, not necessarily at the beginning of the semester. Most courses will be taught by a local Citrus County School District instructor. A few classes may be taught by a Florida Virtual School (FLVS) instructor.

  • If you are withdrawing your student from a Citrus County school, first check Skyward to see your student’s schedule of courses, including the 7-digit course code for each class. Those classes will be dropped when your student is withdrawn. Having this information on hand may help when selecting virtual classes.
  • Visit the home education page on our district website: and click Online Home Education Intent Form in the middle of the page under Home Education Links. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact District Student Services in the Lecanto school complex or call 352-527-0090 and ask to speak with Beckie Baker. Once your paperwork is complete, your student will be withdrawn from the brick-and-mortar school and registered as a home education student. At that point, the parent/guardian is directing the education program for the student—there is not a counselor assigned to assist you in selecting courses
  • Once you’ve established your home education program, you may request classes from Citrus eSchool, a franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS).
  • From November 1st through November 30th, you may request full-time admission to semester 2 in Citrus eSchool for your student. Citrus eSchool is the virtual school in the Citrus County School District. Enrollment criteria apply.  Semester 1 courses must be completed prior to the beginning of semester 2 in January if enrolling in Citrus eSchool full-time.